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an active Harry Potter sorting community with competitions, points, friendship and more! Join today!
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Welcome to hogwarts_unity!

hogwarts_unity is a Hogwarts sorting community with close-knit friendships and valued active members. Once you have read the userinfo and submitted an application, the existing members of the community will vote on which of the Hogwarts Houses you should be placed in. Sorted members are expected to participate within the community, not just get sorted and leave. There are many sub communities to join, such as your common room, classes, shops, and Quidditch. We hope applicants will consider the many aspects of belonging to this community before applying, it's a shame to waste our time sorting someone if they ditch directly after.

Unlike many other sorting communities, hogwarts_unity is run by Four Founders, instead of a Headmaster/mistress, in spirit of the original Hogwarts. Underneath the Founders are the Heads of House, Head Boy and Girl, and Prefects. These positions can be applied for by members when and if a staff member resigns or is removed.

Before filling out your application, please read the whole userinfo. There are several requirements hidden throughout the text, without which you will be rejected and forced to reapply. If, after reading everything, you have any questions before becoming a member, about the application, or the community as a whole, please e-mail one of the founders at the following email addresses:

Petra, Gryffindor Founder - snakecharmerpetra@gmail.com
Sam, Slytherin Founder - samiselectrikk@netscape.net
Clare, Hufflepuff Founder - spotomaticfreeze@gmail.com
Elise, Ravenclaw Founder - elise.ravenclaw@gmail.com

Thank you for your interest, and good luck with the sorting process!

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The Inner-Workings of hogwarts_unity:

A flurry of activity can accurately describe hogwarts_unity. Just like Hogwarts, hogwarts_unity has a House Cup competition, awarded at the end of a two month period. There are many ways to earn points that go towards your house, such as taking a class at unity_classes, participating in challenges over at unity_cup, voting on applications, or just participating in general. At the end of the two months, all of the points are tallied up, and it's really this simple: the House with the most points wins the cup!

So. You heard me mention classes? unity_classes holds a plethora of different subjects for you to choose from. You're required, but certainly not limited, to one. Each class is held once a week, and you will be awarded points for sharing your opinions and doing the homework. Just think of it as a way to avoid that tough algebra equation or the book you've been assigned to read!

There are also many clubs that you can join, as well. It's not required, but it is a way to relax from a week of stressful classes and the general hubbub of school. Just walk on over to unity_clubs, and check it out!

One of the most important sub communities here is unity_tgh. This is the Great Hall, where students can talk to people from other houses, not just their own. Merely post an introduction, or anything you'd like, to get to know one another!

We also host Quidditch matches over at unity_quidditch, so talk to your Head of House to see if a position on the team is available. Or, you could simply be a spectator of this fabulous sport! Points also go towards the House challenge.

Once you have been sorted into your house, head over to one of the four common rooms:

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The Who's of hogwarts_unity:


Petra (lycsailingisluv) - Gryffindor Founder
Sam (saaaamtv) - Slytherin Founder
Clare (__dittany) - Hufflepuff Founder
Elise (sskittless) - Ravenclaw Founder

Heads of House

Head Boy and Girl


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hogwarts_unity Rules:

There are a few rules we expect members to abide by. Before applying, please read through them and be prepared to follow them. Failure to do so will result in punishment.

1. Respect. Regardless of your feelings toward other members, respect toward house mates and other students is required. We will not tolerate House-bashing. The house you are sorted in to will not provide you with an excuse to be rude to the other students. Be respectful or face our wrath!

2. Be Active . This has been mentioned before, but it is a must. Please do not just apply to see where you will be sorted and then not come back. We want people to be a part of our family!

3. You must be 13 . LiveJournal requires subscribers to be 13. If you are not, you will be rejected and reported. End of story!

4. Use Proper Grammar. Typing like an internet fool hurts our eyes and wastes our time. If you are serious about applying to this community and expect us to spend time reading your application and sorting you, be considerate of us and type like a normal person. If you don't, your application will be suspended.

5. Don't Push For A House. Many people join a sorting community with a preconcieved notion on the house they belong in. However, it is often easier to see latent qualities from an objective point of view. Therefore, listen to what we say when we vote you into a house. You will be welcome and grow to love whatever house you are sorted into, so don't try to guide us toward a cetain one. Besides, pushing is annoying. You will be suspended or even expelled, depending on the severity of pushing.

6. You Must Be a Stamped Member to Vote on Applications. This should be a fairly obvious rule. Do not vote on other people's applications before you are stamped!

7. No Editing. You may not go back and fix your application after you have submitted it. If there is a problem with your application you may wait until you are suspended or email one of the Founders to request a chance to fix the problem. Changing your application in response to a vote is absolutely forbidden. Believe us, we'll notice.

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Application and Tips for Applying to hogwarts_unity

In order for the application process to go smoothly for you, we have compiled some tips. Please read thoroughly.

1. Do not push for a house. Seriously, be yourself. Each house is respected, it does not matter whether you are a Slytherin or a Hufflepuff. We will be placing you into a house, and, seeing as how we are only human, our view points are based on what you give us. Don't fake anything, be sincere in your answers. We want to know YOU, not what you think we want to hear. Also, for your subject line please put your favorite Novel[s].

2. Don't skim over any of the information given to you. By reading and understanding everything, we assume that you are willing to dedicate your time to this community, not just get sorted and leave. If you have a question about anything, don't hesitate to ask- someone might just have the same question you do.

3. The rules. Make sure you abide by them. They're simple, but if you think you're going to have a problem, take it up with a Founder or your Head of House.

4. ELABORATE. We will not be able to sort you properly if you give us a sentence as your answer. Imagine a "why" after every single question. Ramble on. Give us lots of reasons for whatever you want to say. If you can't sit through a simple application, how will you make the commitment to be a functioning member of this community? Don't be afraid of reasons. We love to get to know you. Please put "my secret ambition is to learn how airplanes stay up" in question 19. Add it anywhere, and still answer what the question is asking.

5. Take. Your. Time. Seriously, the longer it takes you to do the application, the better it will be. Save it to a word document and work on it little by little. We want you to paint us a picture, not a scribble.

6. Proper spelling and grammar. 15N7 17 4NN0Y1NG 7TY1NG 2 D3C1PH3R 7H15? We don't want to sit through that in an entire application.

7. Don't contradict yourself. If you say one thing on question two, and another on question twelve, we are going to know that something is up. Stay true to who you are, we'll like you. I promise.

8. Never insult others in your answers. Stay away from the pre-conceived notions of the houses: Slytherins aren't always evil; Hufflepuffs aren't all air heads; Ravenclaw's don't spend every minute of their life in the library; and Gryffindor's are not always trying to stick their noses into people's business. I know it sounds silly, but sometimes people say things like this. We want respect.

9. You are allowed to reply to someone's comment on your application, however it is not entirely necessary. You should not use this privilege to argue with the decisions of the voters, or to be rude to anyone. If someone is misinterpreting your application, maybe you should go back and make yourself entirely clear.

10. Do not alter or delete your application once it has been posted. For the lj-cut text on your application, please insert your favorite Harry Potter quote.

11. Post your application as a private journal entry to make sure the lj-cut is working, and the text is just how you want it.

12. Have fun. Harry Potter is a hobby!


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If you would like to be affiliated with hogwarts_unity please email one of the Founders.

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